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  • Eliminate negative thoughts, feeling, & habits
  • Heal core wounds causing failure, limitation, & suffering
  • Clear blocks to receiving love, money, & success
  • End self-sabotage, fear, anxiety, & procrastination

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Experience Precise and Highly Effective Inner Coaching Tools & Practices

  • Do triggers, reactions, fear, uncertainty, and self doubt affect your relationships and ability to succeed?
  • Did you know they're ALL conditions of the unconscious, AND, they can't be cured by ordinary thought and effort alone?
  • If you want to realize your dreams and end failure, limitation, and suffering, it's important to clear unconscious  blocks and release your inner brilliance.

The Core Encounter and Inner Coaching Practices Will Empower You To:

Clear & Unify Your Mind & Emotions

Clear & Unify Your Mind & Emotions

Inner Coaching precisely, and almost effortlessly, guides you out of the troublesome conditions and conflicts of mind, emotions, and sensations of the body and into the very core of your own nature which is unbound by the human experience and it's ups and downs. You will clear mental and emotional blocks that keep you from experiencing your inner brilliance.
Dissolve Inner Conflict & Reactivity

Dissolve Inner Conflict & Reactivity

Has anyone ever told you to “love yourself”? Sounds good, but HOW do you do that when you FEEL so stuck, hurt, and conflicted inside? Inner Coaching shows you how to not only SEE the exact sources of inner conflict and reactivity, but how to bring unconditional love to it ALL. You’re the solution you’ve been looking for. It’s time to SEE CORE.
Eliminate Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Eliminate Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Our scientific and precisely designed relaxation, breathing, and self-awareness practices are proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and feelings of depression almost instantly. Combining these with our unique person to person and group processes allows you to be deeply seen, heard, and felt while dramatically increasing neurotransmitter activity in the brain.

Benefits Of The Core Encounter & Inner Coaching

  • Learn powerful breathing and relaxation methods to regulate your nevous system
  • Dissolve the causes of hidden inner conflicts and reactivity
  • Release mental and emotional blocks
  • Practice opening to higher states of mind and emotion (a.k.a "raise your vibration")
  • Sharpen your focus
  • Strengthen your immune system by reducing stress and its causes
  • Enhance your creativity
  • Transmute your past pain into purpose and power
  • Implement scientific principles to improve performance through inner work

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You've struggled trying to FIX & CHANGE yourself and your life.

You want an easier way.

You want freedom within & success in life.

Then STOP Doing What Doesn't Work

Has Talking, Complaining, and Venting About Your Problems Made NO Difference?

In fact, it may reinforce them, doing you more harm than good, and train your brain and nervous system to identify with them. We show you how to clear the core causes of mental and emotional disturbances. The Core Encounter and Inner Coaching helps you re-engineer your subconscious mind to alter your perspective, open to possibility, and clear a path for new actions that get you the results you want.

Have You Denied, Suppressed, Ignored, or Judged Your Own Thoughts, Emotions, and Expression?

Most of us learn early on that certain thoughts, emotions, and expressions are not acceptable and perhaps even punishable. We then feel forced to suppress these aspects causing us to hate parts of ourselves and our experience. This inner split & self suppression can cause us to project our pain and self-hatred onto others, turn against ourselves, and suffer in many areas of life.

Do You Distract Yourself With Work, Social Media, Substances, or Games All To Avoid What You Feel Inside?

The inner turmoil so many of us have within can drive us into behavior patterns that temporarily satisfy but let our bigger dreams slip away. We mask our discomfort with things that leave us feeling empty and disconnected. You can't change your subconscious by changing your behavior, but you CAN change your subconscious. Through Inner Coaching, you can identify, clear, and rewrite the programming of your subconscious.
What Makes The Core Encounter DIFFERENT From Other Self Development Or Therapeutic Approaches?
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Want More Out Of Life? Is This You?
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There Are 7 Critical Factors That Keep You Stuck...
The Core Encounter Helps You Understand and Overcome Them



Your mind is divided into two major domains: Conscious and Subconscious

The Subconscious Mind is responsible for up to 90% of your actions and how you see and experience the world.

When you attempt to use your conscious mind to make change, you may think positive, affirm that you're rich, and even get clear on your goals. However, if you're subconscious programming and conditioning is wired to believe otherwise, you will likely fail to fulfill your desire OR, if you do, will likely lose what you gain (self-sabotage).

It is possible to become CONSCIOUS of this SUBCONSCIOUS content and integrate these two minds creating greater harmony, personal power, and freedom to be your most successful self.

The most sabotaging factors of the subconscious are our traumas and our shadow. Keep reading to learn more.



Painful incidents and loss are part of all human experience. Though it is common, the means by which we integrate and process them isn't known by most people.

Neuroscience is showing us how traumatic experiences, both small and great, negatively impact our brains development and function in 5 key areas and weaken their interconnectivity reducing our overall potential. This lowers performance in life, health, business, and relationships.

The good news is that, in The Core Encounter, you can now use proven tools, techniques, and interpersonal processes in groups that can give you control over these key brain areas and increase interconnectivity between them. This releases more of your brain's potential and increases your chance of success in all areas of life.



"We all have a dark side to say the least..." - Pink Floyd

Growing up, we were quickly informed about what parts of us were acceptable and which parts were not. Over time, we SUPPRESS various thoughts, emotions, and even behaviors until they become REPRESSED, or inaccessible to our conscious awareness. These form our "shadow" and though not conscious, they have very real effects in our lives.

The shadow can contain our repressed anger, grief, insecurity, fear, sexual shame, and loss. It can also contain repressed joy, love, enthusiasm, and confidence. Whatever is unacceptable, denied, or unwanted in us is our shadow self. It is the part of us we believe to be evil and dangerous even if they are what most people consider "good" qualities.

If we are to achieve our best life, best relationships, and live our highest purpose, we absolutely MUST face our shadow. The good news is every bit of it is as worthy of love as all the rest of you. In The Core Encounter, we'll show you HOW.



The listening and speaking skills we learn from our parents, family members, peers, and even teachers are often poor examples with limited effectiveness. This results in arguments, defending, controlling, avoiding, dismissing, blaming, being "right", and other ineffective patterns in communication.

The skill of listening and speaking from and to your own and another's core is quite different than how we are taught. Instead of speaking responsibly and authentically in ways that connect us, we tend to speak in ways that alienate us. And worse, we defend it.

Core Communication skills allow you to access your true feelings and underlying needs. This empowers you to make genuine requests without demanding or suppressing what's important to you while staying connected to yourself and others.



In order to survive, our brain is designed to be "RIGHT" and in fact can never be wrong. It's a perfect computer, BUT, if the data in the computer isn't correct, we compute poorly.

This inherent need to be "RIGHT" has us develop a list of assumptions and beliefs that control our response to life and the people in it. We will defend our assumptions and beliefs foolishly even though they ruin our lives and relationships.

It's possible, through coaching and training, to begin to break free from our fixed beliefs and assumptions that have us stuck. This then gives us access to a limitless realm of possibilities to create what we truly want instead of repeating the same mistakes and failures.



Many of the goals people choose are actually rather superficial and out of touch with their own authentic self-expression or lacking clarity and a deeper connection to their core purpose.

Unless your goals come from a sense of deep connection to your core purpose, you aim for things that you cannot achieve or that do not satisfy.

If you haven't bridged the gap between the conscious and subconscious, integrated your trauma, developed Core Communication skills, and challenged your beliefs and assumptions, it is unlikely that you'll establish authentic and clear goals aligned with the purpose you ARE.

The Core Encounter teaches you, coaches you, and trains you on how to do it all.



There is power in numbers, and when it comes to shadow integration, deep processing of stubborn self limits, past pain, and a fragmented identity, there simply is no better to way than to have a powerfully aligned support group. Trying to do this type of work alone is like running in a hamster wheel.

The contents of our subconscious are deeply embedded, repressed, and don't welcome our awareness easily. But, with the power of a group, there is a greater degree of awareness and intention present as well as the sense of safety that we instinctively feel when we belong to a tribe. This allows for much greater access to the various hidden and oppressive programs in our subconscious allowing us the ability to release and rewrite them.

There are also many "mirrors" through the different people present who, in sharing their own experiences, feedback, and acknowledgments to you, will accelerate the work and make it more thorough and effective.

With The Core Encounter, you have a high powered, compassionate, and experienced team of coaches and intentional participants ready to partner up with you in the work.

What IS Inner Coaching?

Inner Coaching is a set of tools and practices that allow you access, explore, and release conflicts, resistance, and limitations inside of 4 Key Domains and frees you to operate from THE CORE.

These 4 Domains are the source of your personal reality, and specifically, the source of what holds you back from success in any and all areas of life.

The Core is that which you TRULY are beyond the limits of your mindbody system. We show you how to alter the cause NOT mask or cope with the symptoms.

Learn more about the 4 Domains and The Core below.

The Core
Somatics (Feelings & Sensations)

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