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A 7 Week Trauma Informed In-Depth Healing & Transformation Training.

A LIVE, Virtual, & Inner-active Experience



A Cutting Edge, Safe, Rapid and Super Gentle Way To Increase Success, Heal Trauma, Light The Shadows, and Break Free From The Root Causes of Lack, Limitation, Failure, and Suffering

VIRTUAL + GLOBAL | Starts March 7th @ 6:55pm to 10pm EST

7 Weeks of Power Packed Personal Transformation & Skills Training

PLUS, Get Immediate Access To The Core Encounter: Core Foundations 3 Part Online Course To Prepare You For Our Weekly Zoom Group Work

For Personal Development Seekers as well as Coaches, Teachers, Managers, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Therapists, Counselors, Social Workers, and Healers.

This event will up-level your self-mastery skills, improve your relationship skills and influence, and empower your life purpose while giving you the ability to also serve others with these powerful tools.


It's of utmost importance that everyone feels safe and welcomed at this event regardless of religion, race, political views, gender, or sexual orientation. We respect and deeply care for all people and make it our top priority that everyone is unconditionally honored which makes this work so effective.

Looking For a Place To Be Seen, Heard, & Understood Deeply?

Hear What Participants of The Core Encounter Have To Say...


  • Science vs. Blind Belief, Wishing, or Hoping

  • Trauma Informed Coaching & Training

  • Interactive & Hands On Practice For All

  • Direct & Immediate Experience (not just nice ideas)

  • Emotional, Somatic AND Thought Transformation

  • Root Cause Vs. Effects & Symptom Focus
  • Be The EMPOWERED Solution You ARE
  • Realize You Are Not Broken & Don't Need Fixing
  • Discover The TRUTH of Who You Are And Always Were
  • Gain Ultra Gentle, Simple, & Practical Skills To Release Limitations

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The Core Encounter uses an alternative therapy approach that is a gentle, rapid, empowering, and highly effective coaching and training system I call "Inner Coaching".

This isn't just information... it's TRANSFORMATION.


If you've never explored any personal development work OR are an experienced pro, Inner Coaching is a simple and easy to learn system that produces immediate shifts in your perception and dissolves conflicts that have lived in the unconscious mind, emotions, and body.

The Core Encounter and my Inner Coaching System is designed to empower you (and/or your clients, students, and people you lead and serve) to reclaim the unconscious activity that has been at the root of all your unresolvable problems, challenges, fears, and struggles that impact your personal well-being, relationships, and ability to achieve your highest goals and dreams.

Hear What Others Say About Inner Coaching Tools


Get Tools To Access & Release The Root Cause of Being Stuck

You can FINALLY get access to the source of every limitation and break free.

If you've read all the books, taken courses, attended seminars, and tried "everything" to get unstuck, but seem to still be failing, there's a simple reason why...

It's your trauma, the fears, beliefs, and rejected aspects of yourself locked away in the subconscious. These are the reasons you've been unable to succeed.

Join me and my team to guide you through step-by-step on how to access and release it all.

OUR VENUE: Zoom Video From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

An Immersive, Inner-Active, and Deeply Experiential Event Led By Vince Bellitto and the Inner Coaching Academy Team.

This is NOT a "webinar" or come and passively watch event. It is fully participatory and life changing.

Discover the 3 KEYS To Living An Abundant Life


Each part of The Core Encounter is 7 Weeks which includes 6 weeks of coaching and training plus a completion and celebration week.

Each part stands on its own to give you a robust personal transformation. They also give you powerful coaching tools you can use with others to create transformation in their lives. While you CAN take only 1 part, we recommend the full journey for a complete training experience.


The foundation for an INVINCIBLE life begins with a sense of wholeness and love for all of your parts (especially the most unwanted, "unlovable", or even shameful ones). Our unique and precision training and practices guides you to effortlessly embrace and restore love with your suppressed and rejected mental, emotional, and somatic parts.


Relationships play a huge role in the degree of freedom, power, and aliveness we have. Learn to stop people pleasing, drop your masks and walls, and start listening and speaking from a place of power. Become an effective communicator & influencer that resolves and repairs breakdowns that harm your relationships to start enriching them instead.


Unless you're growing and expanding, you're shrinking and dying. Discover how to unleash your creative potential, release the unconscious fears and excuses, and tap into the living fountain of inspiration and creative expression at your core. You'll learn how to stop resisting manifesting your dreams and instead, clear the mental, emotional, and somatic blocks for effortless creation.

Tools & Distinctions You'll Learn & Practice In This Workshop


You'll discover how you create your entire reality and life experience using 4 critical functions of your human machinery which is the beginning of true self-mastery. They don't teach you this in school.


Learn how the subconscious conditioning of the bodymind works, the 4 major of causes of ALL of your most troubling experiences and limitations, and how to gain access to and set yourself free from them once and for all.


Know HOW to awaken to the truth of who you are at your core, simply & effectively break free from ALL limitation, & turn your human machinery into a high powered vehicle for unstoppable success & immediate fulfillment!

Some Benefits Of Inner Coaching & The Core Encounter

  • Clear the root cause of anxiety, depression, panic attacks, outbursts of anger

  • Gain power to transform all areas of life and relationships from the inside out

  • Achieve your goals & dreams with effortless flow

  • Eliminate negative thoughts, feeling, & habits

  • Turn trauma, pain, sorrow, & shame into purpose & self-love

  • Eliminate negative thoughts, feeling, & habits

  • Clear blocks to receiving love, money, and other forms of success

  • End self-sabotage, fear, anxiety, & procrastination

  • Set yourself FREE to be who you truly ARE

  • Release the unconscious conditions that keep you stuck

  • Release the unconscious conditions that keep you stuck
  • Redirect your destiny
  • Tap into effortless flow to realize your dreams
  • Experience the joy of being alive
  • Overcome limitations and open to possibility
  • Release the need for approval; Stop denying yourself and stop pretending to fit in or please people
  • Positively recondition your brain & nervous system
  • Increase productivity & improve performance
  • Establish deep & lasting inner peace
  • Clear the causes of drama, trauma, lack & limitation


From One Of Our "Business Is a Spiritual Game" Invincible Life & Business Workshops


From Another One Of Our "Business Is a Spiritual Game" Invincible Life & Business Workshops



Naturist & Men's Work Leader

"I struggled deeply with self love and self esteem. This challenged me by making me feel small and not worthy inside. This showed up for me by blocking me from the things and life I wanted to create, even felt called and destined to create.

felt deeply that there was more to life, to do with my life, yet I was blocked. I felt not worthy, too afraid, too shy, afraid to put myself out there powerfully at all.

Now, I've moved into radical self empowerment in all areas of my life. I have a voice in my relationship with myself and others. I feel more confident in dealing with other people. I'm truly putting myself out there, my real self, with much less fear or anxiety."


Yoga Instructor & Women's Group Leader

"Before I joined, I would dip my toe into the pool of healing and then I would take it out over and over again.

I wasn’t completely committed to this journey of healing, self actualization and radical self love, and I was suffering because of it, as were my relationships.

I stepped way out of my comfort zone during the core processes and dove head first into that pool of healing and it has paid off tremendously. "


Personal Development Enthusiast

"Before I started shadow integration and emotional exploration, I would be overrun and consumed by anxiety in my romantic relationships. I would run into the same fears and issues over and over again, resulting in panic attacks, lack of sleep, and exhaustion.

I tried therapy, meditation, learning about the psychology behind attachment in relationships, and performance coaching to try and overcome this internal battle. What I found there was that I had tons of insights, yet I was projecting my insecurities onto may partner.

Working with Vince & his team helped me access my own peace and power around this situation by showing me my own strength, capacity, and resilience to be with any emotion and any communication at any time."


Professional Driver

"I was actually unaware of this type of work. I had no idea personally, how powerful and needed shadow integration, and expressing and feeling our emotions truly was.

I used to struggle with many things within. My pain would be extreme, to the point where I would cry, scream, feel guilt and shame on such painful levels.. I had no idea sometimes, what was going on in myself. I feel I have suffered, all at the hands of my own self-destruction mechanism.

I tried to go and heal my pain alone, and I soon realized, that my pain can heal.. But sometimes, only with the help of others. 💗

Since I've joined the program, I feel I have gained the tools to really understand and begin to work with someone else through their pain. It doesn't matter who they are, or where they come from.

I am a much more empathetic leader and man because of it."


Healing Work Group Facilitator

"I have mostly focused on personal healing and I have made great progress, but I continued to struggle in my relationships, namely with my children and my partner. I was terrified of talking to my children, and I wasn’t able to communicate effectively with my partner. I felt helpless and experienced a great deal of personal inadequacy and hopelessness as a parent and a partner.

I have learned more effective ways of navigating my relationships, ways of being able to be with whatever shows up in my relationships, I learned how to own up to my failings and how to bring deep honesty and more clarity into my relationships. I was able to clean up the way I relate with my partner and my children and continue to build more trust with them.

I learned the most from the way Vince Bellitto leads our community, the way he continues to show up powerfully and vulnerably has been a great example for me. Witnessing his honesty and transparency, and his capacity to see the highest potential in me and others, his capacity to meet me and each person where they are at, his ability to show love, compassion and care for each "member of our team, and his invaluable teachings."


Full-Time CBT Coach & Men's Group Leader

"I struggled with feelings of powerlessness, creating safe relationships and was challenged by a painful state of hyper-independence. Due to my past-traumas from my childhood, I lived with a self-concept of shame where I believed myself to always be wrong, bad, and underserving of ever having my needs met or achieving my desires.

I tried ambitiously working on myself to fix or figure out what was wrong with me. I was lead down the rabbit hole of indulging in self-development books , learning different modalities of healing , seeking out therapy but nothing worked to make me feel good about myself.

The program has helped me breakthrough limiting beliefs around having to do it on my own and really supported me with discovering a new possibility in relationships where I can trust and be seen and loved for my whole being including my shadows, fears, negative emotions. I achieved a greater self-confidence in my ability to be a leader and facilitated my first Men's group.

Most importantly learning how to LOVE others and myself and be present with anything that comes up!


Full Time Mother

"I struggled with self-confidence, communication, and fear. To cope, heal, adapt, etc. I tried counselors, healthy sleeping/ eating habits, recreational drugs, support groups, and more.

My deep seated fear came from childhood traumas. These traumas manifested in my adulthood by bringing out fear & worry for worst possible future outcomes. Thus, building a wall around myself, & making it impossible to design/ create my destiny.

Now, I am empowered. I have a strong support system, & I have a confidence that triumphs over fear! Rather than worry, I spend my time imagining what my amazing future looks and feels like!

Thank you Vince, and everyone in the groups for your dedication!" 😇🙏❤


Tiny Home Design & Men's Group Leader

"I struggled with expressing my darkness/shadow/anger/resentments, etc.. I have done a 'wonderful' job of stuffing these feelings towards others and myself inside. Ever since I've been in touch with spirituality, and spiritual practices, I've been great and staying positive and spiritually-bypassing 'negative emotions'.. These practices and ways of coping were great short-term, not so much long-term.. The internally-bottled-up emotions resulted in me often feeling Un-Loved, Incomplete, and Hopeless in my Life and Closest Relationships.

Vince and the team helped me Discover and Access my sense of Power, Cause, and Responsibility. It has provided a continuous support system, which had been lacking in my life.

I am feeling more Fulfilled and Grateful Than Ever In My Life, and Find Myself Sharing and Fulfilling My Purpose of Helping Others Feel Safe to Express Themselves more than Ever. I owe much of this new sense of Inspiration to the work I've done with Vince."

The Science of The Core Encounter

Starts With Mastering 4 Domains of Consciousness


    The Core is the very center, source, and cause of your existence. It is the "being" you ARE.

    The Core has an ACTIVE and PASSIVE principle. It is active in that it can direct the Mind, Emotions, Feelings & Sensations, and Effort.

    It is passive in that it receives information from or observes all 4 Domains. It is AWARE.

    Inner Coaching and the Processes are designed to restore you to the throne of your kingdom. The Core is the King or Queen (The Sovereign Center of Consciousness) you are. The 4 Domains are your kingdom.

    People suffer because they are under the control of the Mind, Emotions, Feelings & Sensations, and Efforts programmed within the subconscious mind.

    When practicing Inner Coaching, you are learning how to master your own consciousness and everything contained therein. You learn to Face & Feel so you can Release and Heal everything within you.

    This restores you to a sense of wholeness and releases the trapped Life Power that will lead you to a fantastic future.

    The activity in any of the 4 Domains can be something you are conscious or aware of or not. If it is subconscious, it seems to run against your will making you a slave to these patterns.

    Inner Coaching gives you a way to deprogram these automatic reactions in each of the 4 Domains.

  • MIND

    This is the domain of thoughts both conscious & subconscious and contain the following:

    Memory: All your recorded experiences of the past

    Judgments & Evaluations: I like or I hate, I agree or I disagree, it's right or wrong, good or bad

    Conclusions & Meaning: the meaning we give events, circumstances, others behavior, or ourselves

    Beliefs: Our assumptions and deep convictions about what is true or false, real or unreal


    Emotions indicate whether your needs are met or unmet.

    What most call "positive" emotions are the emotions you have when needs are met.

    "Negative" emotions are when your needs are not met.

    Emotions ultimately are neither good or bad or positive or negative. They are merely indicators of your relationship to your innate Life Potential and are ALL important. The more aligned with your Life Potential, the higher the level of emotion. It is more about your PERSPECTIVE from within than about your external conditions.

    Through Inner Coaching, you learn to navigate the emotional scale freely and for the purpose of exploring what needs are seeking to be met so you can meet them.

    Emotions can be mapped on a scale with POWERFUL at the top and POWERLESS at the bottom. Each emotion indicates degrees of Life Potential we are operating from.

    ....... .......
    • Bliss
    • Acceptance
    • Gratitude
    • Enthusiasm
    • Curiosity
    • Boredom
    • Pride
    • Anger
    • Lust
    • Fear
    • Apathy
    • Grief
    • Shame
    ....... .......


    Feelings & Sensations are are those "happenings" within your body such as:

    • the beating of your heart
    • the sensation of the breath and bodily movements accompanying it pressure or tension
    • butterflies in the stomach
    • pains and aches

    Basically anything happening within the system of the body is the domain of Feelings & Sensations

    Feelings are not the same as emotions in this system of thought.

    By becoming more aware of the Feelings & Sensations in the body (also known as Somatic Awareness), you can identify areas of conflict and emotional blocks in your system to release them.


    Effort is "applied force". When you practice Inner Work, you will identify and release various unconscious efforts that have run automatically or compulsively (a.k.a. your "bad" habits).

    This frees you to make conscious efforts toward those things that matter most in your life.

    Things to look for in this domain are your effort to:

    • control
    • fix
    • change
    • manipulate
    • resist
    • deny
    • attack
    • defend
    • avoid
    • suppress
    • dismiss

    There are many other types of efforts to look for. These are just some of the most troubling ones you will want to clear to free yourself from compulsive actions that harm you or others.

    As stated earlier on this page, up to 90% of your behavior is subconsciously controlled. By making these subconscious efforts CONSCIOUS, you can actively release their compulsive and habitual force and be free.

CRITICAL POINT #1: Self-Mastery begins with understanding, accessing, and transforming the subconscious and these 4 key domains. Research has shown that up to 90% of your daily activities, thoughts, feelings, and perceptions are happening unconsciously.

Creating conscious "positive" thoughts without altering the "negative" subconscious program makes little to no change. It can actually result in a conflicted experience within you and around you.

CRITICAL POINT #2: Once you neutralize the conflicting and unconscious forces in thought, emotion, body, and your efforts, you can begin to create entirely new neurological and biochemical patterns that lead to new possibilities entirely unhooked from your limiting past.

You are now free to introduce entirely new thoughts, emotions, feelings, and effort into your bodymind system that can lead you to create remarkable results in any area of your life.

CRITICAL POINT #3: When it comes to transforming ANY area of your life, it all begins with transforming your IDENTITY (who or what you believe you are). You always perceive the world around you and act according to who you "are".

Using cutting edge guided processes and practices, you can escape the confines of a limited identity made up of all neurological and biochemical conditioning and habits. This frees you to rewrite your genetic destiny and live into a future unhooked from your limited past.

CRITICAL POINT #4: The Science of Invincibility is your direct access to subconscious transformation and mastery. No longer must you be controlled by the patterns, perceptions, and habits that dominated your everyday experience, relationships, and actions. You CAN gain back control, release the unwanted factors, and begin designing an entirely new life and future.

CRITICAL POINT #5: By consciously and actively transforming your thoughts, emotions, feelings & sensations, and effort impulses, you are literally changing your genetic expression. Dr. Bruce Lipton’s research makes clear that by altering your perception, your mind can affect the activity of your genes and create over thirty thousand variations of products from each gene.


Vince Bellitto

Head Coach & Trainer

After living a life of crime and nearly dying from a drug overdose in 1999, I made a powerful decision to turn my life around and dedicate my life to healing and serving humanity.

I'm a trauma informed coach that creates the deeply needed safe space that allows you to gently navigate your subconscious conditioning to heal Core Wounds, release Core Fears, transform Core Beliefs, and realize the truth of who you ARE. The Core Encounter IS this space.

I work with people across the world to create radical shifts in communication, optimize performance, and achieve self-realization by empowering them to identify and transform the conflicting forces in mind, emotion and body.

My intent has been to use cutting edge science, tools, and processes he organized into a system I call "Inner Coaching" which gives you access and the ability to alter subconscious conditions and the root causes of lack, limitation, fear, failure, and suffering. This system is what you'll be learning inside of The Core Encounter, designed by me in 2013 and now more effective than ever.

Colette Gallagher

Inner Coach

Hi, I'm Colette Gallagher. Im a certified Yoga Instructor and a Transformational Coach with a degree in Psychology, who specializes in helping you reprogram limiting beliefs into a growth mindset so that you can become unstoppable and confidently create your dreams.

Throughout my Inner Coaching training, I opened up to all the parts of myself I was ashamed of and allowed myself to be truly SEEN, HEARD, and ACCEPTED. I now feel so much freedom and confidence to be with all of me and love all the parts I once thought were disgusting and unacceptable.

Now that I’m a certified Inner Coach & facilitator, I am able to support others in gently, playfully, and rapidly embracing ALL of the unwanted or seemingly disgusting parts of themselves.

My ultimate mission is to end the abuse cycle for as many people as possible to create a loving, harmonious, thriving world FOR EVERYONE.

Charlie Robinson

Inner Coach

I am a Certified Inner Coaching Coach, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) Coach & Core Encounter Facilitator.

My mission is to hold space and serve others to transform their suffering and pain into empowerment for themselves to experience greater freedom, authenticity, and joy in their lives.

I have survived and integrated much trauma and adversity in my own life and have dedicated the last 10 years to training, healing and service to others. I specialize in shadow work and have trained with leading-edge experts in the field including Teal Swan, and Vince Bellitto.

I am a powerful force in supporting others to gain awareness and transform anything that is holding them back and serve others with great compassion, care, empathy, and warmth. I am inspired to see people living from their core and authenticity.

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Ethical Notice & Disclaimer

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We will guide you, teach you and empower you to apply what you learn, but we cannot implement it for you. Just as in life, your success will be determined by the degree of participation and implementation of what you are taught. It is from the heart that we share this with you. You'll be given powerful tools and training that produces real and lasting results for our clients all over the world, and it's up to you to make it possible for you.

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